Made in America

When the Magic Scarf Company began in 1993, all of our products were hand made in Gloucester, Massachusetts. We started by making our products right in our kitchen. It was a long time ago. Most of you will not remember us from that time, but some may remember our patchwork neckties and hand-painted barrettes. Carrie Porter and I took great delight in producing appliqued tee shirts and summer dresses, decorative table covers, and, oh yes, cool scarves. As the years rolled by, Carrie and I needed to have competitive pricing to expand to a national market, so we turned to production in South Korea, India, and China, where production costs are low. Excellent relationships came from our business abroad, but clearly, we were not providing production jobs for our Massachusetts neighbors. It is time to return to production in America. The items in this section are assembled by hand by our staff in Gloucester, Massachusetts. I hope that you will enjoy the creativity involved and the quality of the work. The production of these items provides jobs for our staff, and the uniqueness of the work will stand out in the marketplace.